projekt produktentwicklung roericht ulm

quality of life: a living quality? 1996

the name of the game --> or an instrument for assessment of health care services a hypothetical-speculative 3-day-survey within the ´medien-cooperative ulm´ and ´design-research ulm´ the work force: eva saalfrank, katrin warneke, hans krämer, hartmut otto, fax quintus, werner vogd, dirk uptmoor input & request: franz prozsolt, guests: farah lenser, heiner benking, horst kächele, helmut herberg organization/supervision: hans (nick) roericht ulm, june 28-30.1996, alpha-version 2.0 august 6 1996

(the work force) Eva Saalfrank, Katrin Warneke, Hans Kraemer, Hartmut Otto, Fax Quintus, Werner Vogd, Dirk Uptmoor, (input & request) Franz Porzsolt, (guests) Fahrah Lenser, Heiner Benking, Horst Kaechele, Helmut Herberg,


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